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I am a fused glass artist. I have had a lifelong passion for the Arts. My fused glass journey started with stained glass over 35 years ago. I took my first fused glass class in Germany about 20 years ago and since then I've attended numerous fused glass workshops at the Workhouse Arts Center in Virginia and The Glass Underground in New Jersey.

I am in love with the bright colors, the varied forms of the unfired glass, plus the limitless techniques, all of which contribute to the vast array of possible artwork that can be created.

Service in the U.S. Army provided me with a strong sense of patiotism and commitment to my community. I am a member of the Lessburg Center for the Arts and the Professional Association of Visual Artists, as well as local and national veteran organizations. Patriotic themes are frequently found in my art pieces.

I am also intrigued by the scientific properties of the glass as it heats. I will play with the viscosity, color combinations and other properties to create something unique. I find the opportunity to express my creativity in fused glass is limitless and the process and end results are both challenging and exhilarating.


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Mary Ellen
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Purple Glass Fountain, LLC

Mary Ellen Radloff

Co-owner of Purple Glass Fountain, LLC

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